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Within the Future of Learning, Talent and Work,

  • we invest in startups with the aim to follow on our investments

  • we provide strategic advice to any stage companies, funds, educational institutions and NGOs

  • we leverage our global network to connect key stakeholders


We invest in companies in line with our values and mission, from pre-Seed stage to growth capital.

We support companies whose founders believe that

  • it is key to focus on what makes us human [human skills]

  • we are drivers of our lifelong learning journey [progressive education]

  • Maslow has done a good job modeling human needs [human welfare]

We deploy capital to help such founders grow and scale their solutions globally.


We have built a broad network covering the entire ecosystem of the Future of Learning, Talent & Work:

  • startups, scaleups

  • corporates

  • government, institutions

  • investment funds

creating a global community of

  • industry experts, advisors

  • founders & investors

  • educators, academics

  • parents, learners


We connect you with the relevant players required to take your company to the next level.


We provide strategic advice to companies on different levels:

  • Product / Service:

    • content

    • learning approach

    • technology 

  • Business:

    • business model  

    • go-to-market strategy 

    • business development

    • partnerships, acquisitions, innovation

We have the flexibility to help you in many capacities as different expertise is required at different times.

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