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Research-backed, play-based STEAM education programme for teachers of 3-to-8-year-old scientists everywhere

Online maths programme and mobile app for African learners in grades 7 to 12 combining daily maths workouts with 1-on-1 support from study coaches to target both the cognitive and emotional sides of learning at an affordable rate

Online platform offering four services to students from secondary school to PhD levels, in over 80 fields of study: writing assistance, proofreading, marketplace, online tutoring

Financial Wellbeing Platform that provides online financial education for students & Funds Management System that digitises the entire university financial support process. Premier digital wallet for 17-25 year olds

AI-powered chatbot empowering excellent, informed financial decisions that improve the financial capability of millions of people across Africa

Virtual Programmes using first-class debate-led teaching strategies to teach both hard and soft skills including communication and critical thinking skills, while building self-confidence

Award-winning tech social enterprise making career coaching for adults, affordable and accessible through technology

Digital soft skills training programmes, designed to accompany employees through important life transitions, transforming them into professional growth

Award winning, mental health platform putting every day support into the palm of every employees’ hands. Underpinned by clinical psychology, the platform provides virtual talking therapies and a personalised mental fitness toolkit

Platform to collect ESG, Purpose and Financial data all in one place helping companies drive operations towards their purpose strategy

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